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Lakeside spa holiday homes in the heart of the Cotswolds

Owners - Frequently Asked Questions


Cotswolds Spa Holidays Limited has been operating as a disclosed agent managing holiday lets for discerning owners at Lower Mill Estate since late 2011.

The business is run by Kasha Grimes who has owned a property on Clearwater since 2004 and therefore has a very comprehensive understanding of the market for letting second homes within the Costwold Water Park.

How are your fees structured?

We attempt to offer a very transparent pure commission-based business model i.e. the more revenue we generate for the owner the more commission we generate for ourselves and unlike some other operators working on the development we don’t levy any mandatory booking fees on our guests nor impose other “hidden” but otherwise mandatory charges that inflate the cost of the guest’s stay yet not necessarily the value or revenue for the owner, examples of this may include supplemental charges for spa access, parking, occupancy levels, heating in the winter months etc.

These extra charges can easily add up to an extra £200 plus per booking that may not be counted as revenue for the purposes of calculating the owner’s revenue.

The only supplements we levy are “optional” ones whereby the guest selects whether or not to include it in their booking, examples include a hot tub, pet supplement or similar.

Do you levy management fees?

There are already numerous costs associated with owning a second home at these gated developments so we attempt to mitigate these as far as possible by not adding any further management fees or other mark ups for overseeing tradesmen and handymen to carry out the inevitable day to day repairs that are required to keep the property in good order.

What occupancy levels do you achieve?

Most of our owner’s use their properties themselves for their own personal use and only let out their properties to help defray the not inconsiderable costs of running a second home.
Obviously we need a minimum level of availability to justify and defray our own costs of marketing, photography, administration etc. and it is also worth noting that the more unique the property and the earlier the availability is released the greater the chance of successfully letting it.

Notwithstanding the above we have some owners who rarely use their properties themselves and are therefore able to offer high levels of availability and for the right property we can achieve a superior level of bookings compared to our rivals and we anticipate this trend to continue for the foreseeable future partly as a result of our transparent business model and increasing levels of returning customers.